Our Team

Leah Jaramillo

President and Senior Project Manager

Leah Jaramillo is the President and Senior Project Manager. Leah oversees all client relationships and business strategy. She is experienced at working with city and state agencies, private firms, non-profits and construction contractors to anticipate or resolve issues at all phases of a project. She is the firm’s fearless leader, effectively quarterbacking cross-functional input to deliver full spectrum strategies tailored to meet the needs of each project and client. Leah is known for her dedication to finding resolutions that work for all involved parties. She is a master strategic planner, highly skilled in stakeholder research and identification, an expert in tactical communication and issue resolution as well as a trainer and a facilitator. Leah has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR, and a master’s degree in Environmental Communication and Public Relations from the University of Utah. Leah is the past- President of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) USA Affiliate and served on IAP2 USA’s board of directors from 2013-2019. Leah is the only IAP2 USA Certified Public Participation Practitioner (CP3) in the state of Utah. This peer judged certification verifies her competency to effectively design, implement and evaluate P2 programs based on international best practices.Leah is also a member of the Women’s Transportation Symposium (WTS).

Lauren Avery-Mead

Public Involvement Manager

Lauren Avery-Mead is a Public Involvement Manager for Somers-Jaramillo + Associates. Lauren has 4 years’ experience in public engagement and 15 years’ experience in the Communications field. Lauren received her Bachelors of Science in Communication and a Minor in Electronic Media from Northern Arizona University. Lauren’s area of expertise include stakeholder research and identification; stakeholder relations; tactical communication; meeting and event coordination; team coordination; public involvement, advertising; media relations; copy writing and editing; conflict resolution and PI risk assessment. On each project Lauren utilizes her expertise in the development and implementation of project management plans and strategies for each unique project, and documentation of the public process and public input on projects. Lauren has completed the IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation training.

Chris Cartwright

Public Involvement Manager

Chris Cartwright is a Public Involvement Manager with Somers-Jaramillo + Associates. Chris has been with SJ+A since 2013 planning, organizing and overseeing public outreach efforts for transportation projects. Chris is skilled at web development, design management and establishing effective working relationship with stakeholders, local officials, and clients. Chris is most noticeably known for his knowledge of the industry, public involvement practices and strong work ethic. Chris has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a background in economic development, forecasting and analytics. Chris has completed the IAP2 Foundations training and is a trained facilitator.

Janet Rogers

Business Manager

Janet Rogers is the Controller for Somers-Jaramillo + Associates. She is a management professional with over 23 years of experience working in accounting and business management overseeing civil engineering and construction projects. Janet is the glue that holds our team together. She oversees and directs the daily financial affairs of SJ+A and all projects. She is adept at developing financial analyses of operations, statements and schedules for every project to maintain quality control and ensure that expenditures are consistently aligned with budgets through project duration.

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