Partnering or team-building is critical to any decision-making group. Whether you are leading a team to make transportation improvements or are talking to people about how they want their community to look in 25 years, partnering can help your team work together to manage risk and achieve goals. Built on a foundation of collaboration, partnering and team-building can help break down silos, increase interconnectedness and improve communication.

From short session to full-day workshops, the design of your program depends on the needs of your project and the experience of your team. SJ+A President Leah Jaramillo is a UDOT approved partnering facilitator and will work with you to assess your team/project’s needs then develop an appropriate partnering program that maximizes your time and leads to better projects. Partnering programs can include monthly electronic survey, executive partnering sessions, team activities, lessons-learned workshops and more.

Leah has helped multiple project teams win partnering awards. Learn more below.