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US-89; Farmington to SR-193

Public Involvement and Support Services


SJ+A is currently working with the Utah Department of Transportation in the Environmental and Design phases of the US Highway 89 Project, between Farmington and Interstate 84. This project will improve regional and local mobility, enhance the system linkage between Interstate 15 and 84 on U.S. 89, address current and future travel demand on this corridor and improve safety.


SJ+A has played an integral part in a new process that UDOT has adopted for this project, which allow local government agencies and UDOT to work together to develop a Unified Transportation Plan for the U.S.89 project. This process, known as Progressive Design-Build , allows for public input, contractor expertise and cost to be assessed and incorporated into the project design earlier than other delivery methods. This will help the project team design and build the right project for the area.


The U.S. 89 project will improve safety and mobility on U.S. 89 by…

  • Widen U.S. 89 to three lanes in each direction;
  • Add interchanges – bridges over U.S. 89 with on/off-ramps – at 200 North/400 North, Oak Hills Drive, Gordon Avenue and Antelope Drive;
  • Add bridges over U.S. 89 at Nicholls Road and Crestwood Road;
  • Improve connections between U.S. 89 and Main Street, S.R.193 and Interstate 84;
  • Some sections of new frontage road will be constructed to improve access to existing frontage roads and local streets. This will help local traffic access the new interchanges and crossings efficiently. The frontage road system will also function as a signed bicycle route.


What have we done with this project that will set us apart from other PIs?

SJ+A has lead the communication team in a strategic communications program designed to address community concerns and build project buy-in. We began by providing detailed information about the PDB process and how it incorporates public input from previous phases. Then we detailed how public input had been incorporated into the project design. Finally, we provided detailed visuals to assist the public in understanding how their input changed the design.


In order to reach the broad range of affected stakeholders, we implemented in-person and digital engagement tools to ensure accessibility to project information. In addition to our in-person open house, we provided an online open house, which saw over 6,000 unique visitors in the week of and the week following the open house at Layton High School. We also built and co-run a project Community Coordination Team (CCT) to help provide a two-way channel of communication between the project team and affected communities.

SJ+A is providing communication outreach, messaging, public involvement and facilitation services to UDOT on this project.

For questions or more information about the project please email or call 888-752-8789.


I-15 Technology Corridor

Public Involvement and Support Services


I-15 Technology Corridor is a heavily trafficked area of I-15 between the I-15 CORE and the Point, (between Lehi Main Street and S.R. 92). Known as the Silicon Slopes, this area of I-15 is the fastest growing area with a high number of technology-based businesses moving to this area every day. The growth has occurred more rapidly in this area than projected and the Utah Department of Transportation is addressing this growth by completing a project that will…

  • Add two additional travel lanes in each direction;
  • Build a new bridge over I-15 at Triumph Boulevard;
  • Create one-way frontage roads between S.R. 92 and 2100 North;
  • Redesign and build new interchanges at S.R. 92 and 2100 North;
  • Reconstruct bridges at cross streets and railroad crossings; and
  • Build a new bike and pedestrian connections.

SJ+A works closely with A-W and the UDOT Communications team to ensure that they are up to date on project progress and planned impacts. SJ+A assists the UDOT communication team by providing real time construction information and access to the site so that they can implement the communication program. We also assist A-W in direct stakeholder coordination for access and site restoration following work activities.

What is different about this project?

SJ+A assisted in the proposal development phase by contributing ideas to improve mobility during and after construction. Some of our innovations have included partnering with the Utah Transit Authority to fund a shuttle in the business park adjacent to S.R. 92. Intended to help reduce congestion during construction, our funding actually contributed to a new bus route connecting several business parks to the Lehi Frontrunner station.

We also proposed and secured information kiosks to share project information with the public via several locations around the S.R. 92 interchange – at business and commercial locations. These kiosks link to the project website and provide interactive tools to get the public engaged.

400 North Improved Bountiful

Public Involvement and Support Services


SR-106, 400 North in Bountiful is a heavily trafficked, mixed business and residential street that carries motorists from I-15 to the east bench and is an important thoroughfare for the area. The Utah Department of Transportation is completing a project that will:

  • reconstruct the roadway in concrete for a longer pavement life and less future maintenance
  • add radar detection to improve traffic flow
  • add new curb, gutter and some sidewalk and driveway approaches along 400 North

SJ+A have provided communication outreach, messaging, public involvement and facilitation services to UDOT on this project.

For questions or more information about the project please email or call 888-556-0232 ext. 2.

700 East Safety Improvements Project

Public Involvement, Events, and Support Services


Since 2010, there have been nearly 600 accidents on 700 East in Sandy from 7400 South to 9400 South. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Sandy City have partnered to repave this section of SR-71 and improve safety. The 700 East Safety Improvements project will add raised medians at current and future signalized intersections and bike lanes, as well as repave 700 East between 7400 South and 9400 South beginning in July or August 2017. Project features will increase safety for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians by designating specific turn locations and thereby decreasing the number and severity of accidents mid-block.

  • Raised medians will be installed at current and future signalized intersections.
  • Bike lanes will provide a designated space for cyclists, increasing motorists’ awareness of where bikes are on the roadway.
  • On-street parking will be removed.

SJ+A has provided public involvement support to UDOT since the project Design began in Summer 2016. The addition of raised-medians was controversial for businesses, and the proposed changes in traffic patterns due to the medians also caused concern for residents in the area. SJ+A worked with UDOT and Sandy City to engage the public in conversations about how to reduce the high number of crashes in the area while maintaining acceptable access and traffic flow. This complex process resulted in a cooperative process whereby the project design was adapted and plans for future traffic studies and improvements have been made. SJ+A facilitated two formal open houses, developed and produced an educational video, met personally with affected stakeholders and created presentations for City Council.

Provo – Bulldog Boulevard Construction Phase

Public Involvement, Event Planning and Support Services


Bulldog Boulevard is an important part of Provo City’s transportation network. Many different types of travelers use this road- cars, trucks, pedestrians, and bicyclists. It hosts a wonderful mix of businesses from restaurants and shopping to recreation, health care, and schools.

SJ+A is working with Provo City to improve safety for all roadway users. We have conducted early concept outreach, asking the public via personal meetings and articles for their feedback about converting a travel lane to a protected bicycle lane in each direction. SJ+A will continue engaging with area stakeholders through project design in 2017-2018.

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